• Our whole organization has been certified according to the SA 8000 standard, ensuring written policies and compliance with current social and labor laws.
  • Materials certificates can easily be provided. However such simple composition tests usually do not point out the difference between a standard polyester and a recycled one for instance...
  • Evidence of recycled origin or "recyclability" of the fibers from our eco fabrics requires official audit and traceability of the full processing chain (basically from lands' fills to the final product).
  • Eco fabrics tend to be more expensive than standard fabrics (fortunately that is gradually changing...) so, at Ecolobags, we make sure you pay for real eco products without over exaggerating the real green assets of our bags.
  • “Eco friendly” term is often wrongly used and suffers a lack of official regulation which leaves a gap for misleading or improper definition. Many bags material are considered “green” but they are not all equal towards environmental respect. From simple reusable bags to complete biodegradable ones, the choice is very large..

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Example of Recycled PET process